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My Story

In 2014, my parents purchased a home on Navarre Island as the Gulf Coast is a place we have been coming to for many years.   It only took a few minutes on the island before we knew as a family that this was going to be our new home.  As we drove over the bridge and explored the 3 mile strip that makes Navarre Beach so special, we all knew that we had come across something very unique. 


As a little background, the year before our purchase, I had lost my grandmother to cancer.   She was an instrumental figure in my life and always supportive in all that I did.  She used to tell me that I was gifted with a hard work ethic and would one day do great things.    I remember when she got sick she told us that she had lived a life without regret and to go out and LIVE LIFE!  Buying the house on Navarre was one of the first things my parents did to embrace her legacy and to LIVE LIFE.


For me, I wanted to do something that was enjoyable and gave back to the island.   Once my family and I settled in we started  paddleboarding along the beach.   We noticed that every time we were out there people were constantly asking where we rented the boards.   


The business exceeded any of our expectations and has grown exponentially!   Navarre SUP now has one of the largest rental fleets in the area and we take pride in offering a service like no one else can.   We are now expanding into a second physical location with the hope that others will also embrace paddleboarding as we have and create memories on their vacations lasting a lifetime. 

Governor Scott Awarded Sage Offutt with Young Entrepreneur Award
Governor Rick Scott said, “Sage is a great example of a young entrepreneur who is working hard to pursue her dreams in Florida. It’s very exciting to see someone succeed so well at such a young age. I’m honored to highlight Sage Paddle Co.’s success and I’m proud to present her with the Young Entrepreneur Award.”  Sage Offutt a high school sophomore is the youngest recipients since the award was created.  The winners are chosen from submitted nominations of entrepreneurs under the age of 35.


Live life  to its fullest and without regret!

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